Monday, June 22, 2015

Things to Think About When Purchasing a Walk in Tub or Handicap Shower Product

There are some very important things to think about when purchasing a walk a walk in tub or wheelchair accessible handicap shower. Ultimately the most important part of this equation is functionality and usability. Bottom line is, you want it to work, and work well. Walk in tubs come in many shapes and sizes, from small and petite to extra large and spacious.

You can often buy walk in bath tubs that are made here in the United States, but some people decide to buy a foreign made product. In an effort to promote American companies, Aging Safely offers a wide variety of walk in baths that are made right here in the U.S.A. Here's a simple, short list of some ideas and things to think about when buying a handicapped bathing products.

1. Is it safely and easily accessible?
2. Does the bathers body size easily and comfortably fit into the bathing appliance?
3. Is the step in height or access to transition conducive to the bathers mobility?
4. Depth of bathing, some models offer deeper soaking options.
5. Certified by third party for quality assurance?
6. Personalized customer service that can answer questions and is upfront and ethical about pricing.
7. Go to and check out their rating and if they are accredited or not.
8. Does it have the options and features you want and need? Some models have air jets, water jets, aromatherapy, heated seats and even mood lighting which is referred to as Chromotherapy.
9. Does the bathing appliance fit into the bathroom without requiring a major remodel?
10. Is it affordable? The prices out there can range, and sometimes you get what you pay for. However, there are more affordable options that wont break the bank, without compromising quality.
11. A great warranty can really come in handy if you need it.
12. Match the bathing products with useful accessories such as safety grab bars, seat riser cushions and anti-scalding devices.
13. Know your high risk, danger areas and modify accordingly to try and minimize any fall from happening.

This is All About Keeping You And Your Loved Ones as Safe as Possible.
There's no such thing as a perfectly safe product or situation. Things can happen, and well all know that. Although, we can do things to be proactive and try to be a little smarter. Having foresight and sometimes planning for worst case scenario isn't such a bad thing. We want everybody to live long, prosperous lives without having a fear of falling or getting hurt. No one should live in fear, and the bathroom is place that should be comforting and relaxing. Especially if your soaking in nice warm water, maybe even experiencing soothing whirlpool hydrotherapy jets.

According to the CDC, millions of senior adults fall each year!


Be proactive today!

To learn about wheelchair accessible handicap showers and walk in bath tub products contact an Aging Safely Baths consultant today. It is our sincere hope this information helps people out there make more informed decisions when it comes to aging in place.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Enjoy Warm Air Hydrotherapy in The Comfort of Home!

Does it seem like your muscles are constantly in pain? Discomfort may vary from day-to-day depending on the medical condition, the weather, sleeping position and other factors. Wouldn't it be nice to have a natural way to potentially alleviate aches and make your body feel more comfortable, without leaving your home or taking an ever growing list of prescription drugs? Walk in tubs with hydrotherapy offer soothing water and air massage that can potentially have beneficial healing properties, which may even help reduce pain for some bathers. Walk in hydrotherapy tubs offer the same unique bathing features as traditional soaking walk in tubs, however hydrotherapy walk in bathtubs can heighten the bathing experience and may give your muscles and body an extra therapeutic boost with soothing massage.

Hydrotherapy tubs can potentially be beneficial for those suffering from specific ailments or general undiagnosed aches. Therapeutic water massage may be able to enhance comfort for those diagnosed with sports injuries, back pain, arthritis, diabetes, insomnia, Fibromyalgia, and many other medical conditions. In some instances water massage can also be therapeutic for paralyzed limbs.

Owning a hydrotherapy walk in tub allows bathers to enjoy soothing water massage therapy whenever desired. Aches, pains and physical conditions may be unpredictable, but the convenience of having a hydrotherapy tub allows customers to enjoy water massage anytime they want. Additionally shoppers can choose a hydrotherapy bathtub that has water jets, air jets or both. Air jets are typically smaller jets that create a gentler bubbling sensation while water jets are larger and create a firmer sensation. Aging Safely provides walk in bathtubs that have adjustable jets which can be rotated to target particular muscles. The handicap shower stalls offered by Aging Safely do not come with a jetting option.

When bathers soak in a hydrotherapy tub, the muscles can instantly experience a sense of weightlessness from the pressurized water and can possibly help alleviate stress and tension. Since bathers can submerge their entire body in a hydrotherapy tub, the massage can potentially have positive effects for overall well-being.

                                         Bring The Elements of Nature Into Home!
Hydrotherapy walk in bathtubs use a combination of water temperature and circular massage stimulation to activate the muscles and nerves. The nerves transport the sensation more fully into the body, which may even positively affect the immune system. Hydrotherapy senior bathtubs can potentially help reduce inflammation as well, because increased blood circulation helps reduce lactic acid that can promote sore, aching muscles. Hydrotherapy walk in tubs may also naturally help reduce muscle stiffness. Additionally, water massage may even promote better digestion, and reduced pain sensitivity, so bathers using hydrotherapy may be able to enjoy a more active lifestyle.

Additionally, hydrotherapy might assist in helping the skin retain a healthy glow. The combination of heat and massage can help skin pores open and naturally detoxify. Customers that prefer a handicap shower system can enjoy built in padded seats and a handheld shower wand as well.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Benefits of Walk in Bathtubs

Keeping your body clean and sanitary is essential to maintaining good health. However, as your body ages or you develop certain medical conditions, stepping into a bathtub may be difficult. You must be able to maintain your balance on one leg as you step over a high threshold to enter the tub. A traditional bathtub does not have safety rails, so it is easy to fall as you enter and exit the tub. For many seniors and those diagnosed with arthritis, diabetes and other medical conditions, the ability to bathe in a tub will become impossible unless they have help. In many instances, walk in bathtubs provide an alternative to hiring help or moving to a nursing home or assisted living facility because you cannot bathe safely. The cost and safety features of walk in tubs make them the ideal solution for prolonging independent living and bathing with dignity.

At first glance, a walk in bathroom fixture may seem costly. Nevertheless, given the high prices of nursing homes and assisted care facilities, purchasing a walk in hydrotherapy bathtub, walk in soaking tub or shower may be a cost-efficient decision that preserves your independence. Walk in tubs are available in many price ranges and sizes, so you can probably find one to satisfy your budget and needs. A walk in tub can also reduce the need to pay for assistance or coordinate with a friend or relative who can help you bathe. Undressing in front of others or relying on someone to help you with safe bathing can be embarrassing and uncomfortable. Walk in bathtubs allow you to preserve your dignity and independence while you enjoy the ability to safely bathe and maintain good personal hygiene.

Which safety features in walk in bathtubs can help promote safe bathing? A wheelchair accessible bathtub or walk in tub has a door that makes it easy to enter the tub without raising your foot high off the floor. Additionally these tubs have a grab bar system, so seniors and others with limited movement can hold on while maintaining their balance to enter the tub. Holding a grab bar can also help bathers lower their bodies into the tub and raise their bodies out of it. Walk in tubs also have non-slip floors that improve traction and reduce falls. Additionally, a walk in tub usually includes a seat. Bathers who cannot fully recline in the tub and do not have the ability to stand will appreciate the comfort and convenience of sitting while cleaning their bodies. A hand held nozzle also makes it easy for those with limited mobility to direct the flow of water. Some tub models also offer anti-scalding devices that prevent water temperatures from becoming too high.

Senior bathtubs, designed for anyone in pain or with limited mobility, can improve a customer’s quality of life, confidence and mental outlook. The ability to bathe independently will encourage seniors and those who are mobility impaired to bathe more often and promote a healthier lifestyle.

Introduction to Walk in Bathtubs

Aging Safely Baths & More is a national walk in bathtubs provider that is dedicated to supplying mobility restricted individuals and seniors with affordable bathing options that promote independent living. Aging Safely is proud to offer customers multiple lines of handicap accessible tubs and showers. Aging Safely is pleased to offer walk in tubs and hydrotherapy walk in bathtubs that are made from top quality materials and backed by a lifetime, no leak door seal warranty.

Many customers decide to purchase a walk in tub or hydrotherapy bathtub when they are unable to bathe independently due to an illness, medical condition, aches or age. Often purchasing a walk in bathroom fixture makes it possible for them to live independently and maintain good personal hygiene. However, walk in senior bathtubs are not an everyday purchase, and customers want to buy the right walk in tub for their physical condition. Aging Safely’s blog is designed to provide customers with information that can help them purchase walk in bathtubs with confidence.

Some customers may not be ready to purchase a walk in bathtub or hydrotherapy bathtub, but they may be ready to gather information because they recognize that they may need one in the near future. Therefore, they may want a reliable resource to obtain information about walk in tubs even though they might not be ready to consult with a salesperson. Aging Safely’s blog allows potential customers to educate themselves about walk in bathtubs effortlessly.

Other customers may know they are going to make a purchase, but they want to read blogs to supplement information they receive from a salesperson. The convenient blog categories make it easy for shoppers to read valuable information about walk in bathroom options.

Aging Safely’s success is tied to customer satisfaction, so the company’s blog is one way to help customers make choices they’ll love. Of course, personal budgets, preferences and space confinements will influence every walk in tub or hydrotherapy bathtub purchase.  However, reading about walk in bathroom fixtures is one of the best ways to make the right selection.

Additionally, reading Aging Safely’s blog is extremely convenient when multiple parties are involved in the tub or shower selection process. Sometimes a younger relative will purchase a hydrotherapy or walk in bathtub for a senior family member. The senior and his relative may not have time to meet before the purchase, but they can read blogs from the comfort of their homes and discuss the available information and choices.

Blog information can help shoppers decide on particular tub features, the benefits of a walk in tub versus a walk in shower, whether to purchase a hydrotherapy tub, and many other details that may not be apparent without browsing blog entries. Additionally, customers may also be interested in information about customizing their walk in bathtubs or maintaining them. Aging Safely invites shoppers to browse blog entries, so they can learn about safe bathing options that will help them choose a tub or shower that will bring them years of enjoyment.